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Harvey Dent is iconic in Gotham and the DC universe, and it's no different in the Marvelous Katastrophe universe.


He is half politician, half evil villain. With a blue suit with red tie on one side and a pinstripe with a purple shirt and polkadot tie on the other.


This handmade pillow is approximately 10 inches (25.4 cm) by 10 inches.

Each piece is drawn and cut out by hand by the highest quality 100% cotton fabric. Each piece is stitched and sewn with love. In lieu of a floppy, shapeless pillow form, I opt for hand stuffing each pillow with polyester fiber fill so the pillow is firm and keeps its shape forever and ever. Those little piercing eyes you see are buttons individually sewn onto each and every pillow by hand.

DC Comics Inspired Two Face Decorative Pillow